Online Casino Auditors

Online Gambling Auditors

There are thousands of online betting houses and more keep coming up seemingly by the dawn of each day. Some of these are less trustworthy than others which we make sure to avoid or point out on our site; therefore, the need for customer protection against unfair practices arises.

As a gambler, you want to be sure that you can indulge in safe gaming every time you log into your account. This is where online gambling auditors come in to guarantee you exactly that.

What is Casino Auditing?

Put simply, casino auditing is the process of testing and certifying that a betting operator acts in accordance with the industry's operating procedures as per the issued licenses. These include software and payout percentages.

Ideally, legitimate casinos are required to employ independently operated online gambling auditors to carry out auditing to ensure safe, fair and secure gaming for players. Note that this should be a frequent activity throughout the year. The best setting is every month, but most trusted sites undergo testing quarterly.

Importance of Auditing

Online Gambling Auditors

In all industries, especially the lucrative ones, you'll find some entities that try to use uncouth methods rather than play by the set standard operating procedures. Previously, some betting operators have been found to be using pirated software of well-known developers.

The only and most effective way to smoke out such operators is by casino inspection, which has managed to eradicate corrupt practices. Of course, the threat isn't likely to go away entirely, but auditors go a long way towards keeping you safe.

Main Areas of Online Casino Audits

Online casinos are powered by various game developers. This means that all games must use some kind of software, which is also key to payouts. Discussed below are the main concerns of online gambling auditors.

  • Random Number Generators (RNG) : This is the program that ensures game results are completely random. Therefore, if the RNG is tweaked, games would be biased impacting the results of gameplay. Regardless of the excellent reputation of a casino, certified auditors must thoroughly check all the aspects of a casino game and certify that it's safe and fair for use by players.
  • Payout Percentages: This gives the probability of wins over a pre-determined period. Usually, the payout percentage is published openly for everyone to view and varies from one game to the other. The work of external online betting auditors is to guarantee that the stated payouts are indeed factual, which is verified over extended periods to ensure the percentages are consistent.
Online Gambling Auditors

Various Online Gambling Auditors

These bodies are non-governmental, although sometimes they carry out audits upon the requests of some jurisdictions. For safe and fair gaming, you need to check for the casino auditor's seal of approval that's normally displayed at the bottom of an operator's website. Below is a list of independent entities, which are trusted across the globe in iGaming.

  • e-Commerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance (eCOGRA)
  • Price Waterhouse Coopers(PWC)
  • Technical Systems Testing (TST)
  • Association of Professional Casino Webmasters (APCW)
  • The Online Gaming Alliance
  • Gaming Laboratories International (GLI)
  • Certified Fair Gambling (CFG)
  • BMM Compliance
  • Gaming Associates
  • Talisma
  • iTech Labs